The Acer Travelmate 800lci

These documents describes my experience with the Acer Travelmate 800lci in general, and the installation of linux on this machine in particular. I will update these documents rather frequently (I hope). So if you're interested in buying this machine (or a more recent model, like the Travelmate 803) you might want to check back here. If you have any new information for me on how to solve some of the problems described here, please send me an email to . Also if you miss some specific information about the notebook, or maybe would like to see the output of some commands: Send me an email. Be specfic.

Update #1: I recently split this page up because it just got too big. Please choose from the menu on the left.

Update #2: There is a new section, a howto: get software suspend (swusp2) working.