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need lists of doctors?

Aug 6 - Aug 10: With every purchase of our MD Contact List comes without charge a Contact List for Dentists, Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Licensed MDs in the USA 

788,620 in total ? 17,400 emails

Featuring coverage for more than 30 specialties like Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Opthalmology, Anesthesiologists, Cardiologists and more

Many unique fields like 'medical school attended' and 'location of residency training'

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Hospitals in the USA
more than 23k hospital administrators in over 7k hospitals [worth over $300 alone)

Dentists in the USA
A complete Directory or dentists and related services (valued at $299)

American Nursing Home Directory
Full data for CFO, Nursing Directors, Senior Admins [ worth $249 alone ]

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